King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) is an independent government entity within the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) aiming at becoming a global defense and security research and development hub in the region. The Bureau’s scope of work includes Defense Design and Development, Test and Evaluation, Technology Incubation in the Kingdom, and Defense Technology Training.

Design and Development tasks initiate with the identification of user requirements, based on analyzing the nature of a threat. The process carries through concept design and development of possible applications, followed by prototyping.

The Test and Evaluation process is then performed at the internationally accredited Test and Evaluation Center, which conducts independent evaluations and experiments on and for land vehicles, weapons, ammunition, military equipment and armor material testing.

Once a product is approved, it is directed to the related affiliate of the KADDB Investment Group, where a production line would be ready for mass production. The Test and Evaluation Center serves JAF’s various entities, law enforcement agencies, and external customers.

KADDB’s role in Defense Technology Training involves the provision of a two-week bilingual theory and practice course, held in collaboration with Cranfield University of the UK. This course is taken by personnel of local, regional, and international defense and security, defense department staff and any person whose work requires identifying defense requirements and matching specifications to those needs.

The Bureau aspires to increase the efficiency, knowledge and professionalism of its personnel, design and development methods, and find implementable, applicable solutions to all security needs. KADDB cultivates a relationship with Jordanian universities by creating an environment suitable for students to apply their research and scientific projects. It also adopts projects applicable to the Bureau ׳s objectives.