KIG has been established to act as the commercial and investment arm for the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) and its affiliates. The Group aims at establishing new and growing businesses in the defense and security industries along with various services that would complement these industries.

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His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision to empower specialized industries to excel and create jobs for Jordanian citizens.

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A partnership with Jankel Group Limited (JGL), JLVM was established to design, develop, manufacture specialist and protected vehicles that meet international specifications. JLVM provides all the necessary resources and training to enable production lines and staff to efficiently carry out their work.

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Jordan Armament & Weapon Systems (JAWS) was established to enhance National Firearms Capabilities and its role is to design and develop premium quality standard firearms and proper tactical solutions to meet users missions’ requirements.

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    First Armor, provides effective Personal protection solutions for individuals working in unsafe environments, including media correspondents, aid workers, military and law enforcement Personnel at risk of harm from small weapons, landmines, and bombs encountered while operating in conflict zones.

    First Armor works closely with clients to ensure that their high performance, Reduced-weight personal protection requirements are met. The Company offers the extensive design, testing and ancillary equipment, in Addition to the proven experience, needed to develop its products, ranging from Advanced composite material to the integration of new technologies, all while Maintaining cost-effectiveness. It aims to satisfy clients in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe with top-quality personal protection products.

    First Armor offers world-class services and advanced composite alternatives to Metal products tailored for demanding applications, using proven technologies and produced by highly-skilled professionals from concept development to project completion.

    First Armor strives to become a leading manufacturer of advanced personal protection products, designed in-line with the latest developments in science and technology. The factory is located at the KADDB Industrial Park (KIP).

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    Established in 2008, JMSS mission is to refurbish, rebuild, develop, and modify medium and heavy vehicles (wheeled and tracked) and their components and systems.
    It also works to meet all fabrication requirements for various manufacturing sectors in terms of construction, manufacturing, forming metal structures and items, as well as providing private manufacturing solutions, aftersales maintenance for different customer products and requirements.

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    JORAMMO is part of the KADDB Arms and Ammunition Sector, founded to manufacture and distribute ammunition and ammunition storage. It assesses various types of ammunition, and dismantles any retired ammunition from service. Ballistics laboratories assess ammunition through the use of state-of-the-art technology, testing for speed, accuracy, pressure and capability. These laboratories are also used for improving the qualification of the ammunition, demilitarization of medium and large caliber ammunition, thus acting as a research and development center.

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    JADARA Equipment & Defense System Co. was established in 2005 as a joint venture between King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau (KADDB) and The Jordanian Specialized Company for Electronic Services (JSCES). The Company aims to be one of the leading companies in the region in developing and production of portable, short-range weapon with unique and high precision under the name of RPG-32 “Nash-Shab”. The weapon has the ability to defeat modern heavy-armored tanks and soft-skinned vehicles as well as fortifications and bunkers. On 30th May 013, His Majesty King Abdullah II inaugurated the production facility of RPG-32 “Nash-Shab”.

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    ARM is a food-solutions provider for the defense sector. It manufactures high-quality; convenient Meals Ready-to-Eat (MRE) based on a retort pouch system and provide food catering services to military camps. It is a partnership between KIG and Brahim Overseas Ventures, an affiliate of Dewina Holdings, a Malaysian food specialist company. ARM prides itself on its flexibility, bringing a wide range of custom- designed meals that meet its clients› nutritional needs and cater to their culinary preferences as well.

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    TERRAQUEOUS produces special boots with superior features. In order to ensure the best quality of its products, Terraqueous works with internationally acknowledged components’ providers around the world.


    The range of products at Terraqueous covers a wide spectrum of technicalspecifications where different climates and terrains are taken into consideration. Each pair of its products contains more than 100 components and passes more than 150 operations to be completed, run by a highly skilled team. The company produces a wide variety of models that suit different military needs in addition to hiking boots and oxford shoes with a focus on civilian needs and requirements such as sports and safety.

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    • ABOUT JordanAMCO

    JordanAMCO is part of the KADDB Automotive and Industrial Sector, tasked with the provision of high-standard precision engineering. It uses state-of-the-art metal forming technology to build steel, aluminum and titanium components within tolerances of ±0.008 mm and provides a range of additional services, including heat treatment, surface grinding and reverse engineering. The Company also provides technical support to other companies, both regional and local, assisting in tasks ranging from tool selection to personnel training. JordanAMCO is capable of repairing, maintaining and building customized components.

    Defense Applications:

    The defense industry is one of the primary sectors supported by JordanAMCO, exemplified by its support of the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF), local and regional law enforcement agencies through the development of various types of components, tools and weapon accessories, in addition to various elements that depend on customer requirements.

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    AME is a partnership with ASELSAN (Turkey).
    AME additionally acts as a local repair and maintenance center for its products.AME is a high technology, multi-product company that aims to design, develop and produce state-of-the-art Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Systems for military and professional applications.
    AME Facilities are located in the KADDB Industrial Park (KIP).


    AME’s Night Vision Devices are passive, high-technology optical instruments equipped with image intensifier tubes that allow easy, clear distinction of objects at long ranges. AME’s Night Vision products include the A100 Night Vision Monocular Goggle, the A4 340X Night Vision Weapon Sight, and the A6 360 X nights Vision Weapon Sight. AME also provides complete system solutions with modern, compact, low weight, cost-effective devices for day and thermal sight applications

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    (PFITC) is an entity formed jointly by the King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau (KADDB) and Yarmouk University (YU), and located in Amman–Jordan.

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    • ABOUT Royal Tank Museum

    The Royal Tank Museum is responsible for collecting, restoring and displaying tanks of Jordan Armed Forces and other tanks of the world to the public and to highlight the development of tanks in the world in general . The Royal Tank Museum is a highly modern facility that has a good collection of tanks and other AFVs presented in an artistic way which reflects Jordan Military History in particular .

    The RTM is not intended to be museum that merely displays tanks and armored fighting vehicles. Its objective is also educational as can be evidenced from the fact that its facilities will include a library and research center, a lecture hall and a Royal Jordanian Armour Corp archive record room in addition to the various exhibition halls in which our tank collection will be on display.

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