• Test & Evaluation
  • APS Camera
  • Security
  • Wescam
  • Training
  • CMM Coordinate measuring machine
  • Rapid prototype
  • 3D - Printing
  • Spectrometer Analysis

  2. The Laboratory has a full capability to test and evaluate different type of Small Arms, Light Weapons Ammunition, Armour Materials and Ballistic Resistance Systems for Military and Law Enforcement applications according to various international testing standards (NATO STANAG, MIL-STD, NIJ, C.I.P., and EN & VPAM). KADDB Ballistic Testing Laboratory is a UKAS accredited testing lab. (No. 4515) in the UK, the laboratory complies with requirements of ISO/IEC 107025:2005.

    Indoor Testing (Ballistic Testing Lab.)
    • Ammunition Testing:
    • Light Weapons Ammunition according to: NATO STANAG PFP(NAAG-LG/3-SG/1)D(2004)1 and C.I.P. Standards.

    • Weapons Testing:
      • Rifles & Machine Guns according to: MIL-C-71186, MIL-M-45013E & MIL-G-1298A Specifications.
      • Pistols according to MIL-P-71012, NIJ 0112.03, MIL-DTL71168, MILDTL 001289D & MIL-M-45013E Standards.
    • Ballistic Materials Testing:
      • Ballistic Steel and Glazing according to EN 1063 & NATO STANAG 4569 L 1,2 &3 Standards.
      • Ballistic Windows, Doors , Shutters and Blinds according to: EN 1522 / 1523 Standard.
      • Ballistic Protective Materials according to NIJ 0108.01 Standard.
      • Ballistic Helmets according to NIJ 0106.01 Standard.
      • Body Armour Vests & Plate Inserts according to NIJ 0101.04 & 0101.06 Standards.
    • Ballistic Vehicles Testing:
    • Special Protected Vehicles according to VPAM BRV 2009 and VPAM PM 2007.

    Outdoor Testing (Field Firing Trials)

    Field firing trials based on system’s specifications and customer requirements.

    • Medium Caliber Weapons
    • Large Caliber Weapons
    • Soldier Support Equipment


  4.  Testing : Wheeled , Tracked Vehicles and Electrical /Electronic Systems ,the testing capabilities include:

    • General Characteristics of the vehicles ( weight distribution, CoG, Dimensions,..) according to ISO standards and International Test Operations Procedures (I-top).
    • Vehicle Performance ( Speed, Acceleration, Cooling System, Braking, Handling,…) according to Jordanian STD ” JS 1061:1998 ” and EEC 92/22, SAE standards, ISO standards and International Test Operations Procedures (I-top).
    • Obstacle Crossing Capabilities ( Gradients , Side Slope, Ditch Crossing) according to International Test Operations Procedures (I-top).
    • Ergonomics (Ride Comfort, Noise, Visibility,..) according to SAE and ISO standards.
    • Electrical /Electronic Systems performance ( line/non line of site, Field of view, Battery life and Charging time, Range,.…) according to design specifications and International Test Operations Procedures (I-top).
    • Environmental Tests ( High/Low Temperature, Rain, drop ,.. ) according Mil-STD-810G.
    • Human Factor Engineering (Relationship, Functional grouping, Function allocation,..) according to MIL-STD-1472..
    • Durability and Endurance according to International Test Operations Procedures (I-top).
    • Transportability.
    • Recoverability.
    • Maintainability.


The capability of capturing images for specific regions using our own camera mounted on our airplane in corporation with Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre.

  • Protection, armed and unarmed, for companies and individuals
  • Monitoring and CCTV operations
  • Combined services (personal bodyguards and security systems’ integrations)
  • Integrated Security Systems
  • Training


Authorized Service Center (WASC) based out of the King Abdullah Airbase in Jordan. Basic Level service provides:

  • The ability to perform 70 to 75 percent of all repairs at the WASC location
  • Technical training
  • Technical support


  • Training for technicians for all of the available manufacturing processes.
  • Training for the engineers in the fields of design principles, manufacturing processes, and project management skills.
  • Defense Technology Course.
  • JEA Training Program.
  • Internship (Undergraduate Training).


  1. Portable CMM Machine :

    FARO Arm is a six axis portable co-ordinate measuring machine that allows an inspector to quickly and easily inspect or measure parts directly on the shop floor.

  2. Fixed CMM Machine: A coordinate measuring machine (CMM)is a device for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of an object. This machine may be manually controlled by an operator or it may be computer controlled. Measurements are defined by a probe attached to the third moving axis of this machine. Probes may be mechanical, optical, laser, or white light, amongst others. A machine which takes readings in six degrees of freedom and displays these readings in mathematical form is known as a CMM


To proof the concept for any new idea.

To proof the concept for any new idea

Metal Analyzer :Spectrometer used to Analysis the Material to define the Identification of the alloys and percentage of its compositions .