• Al-wahsh ISV
  • Command & Control Vehicle
  • Covert Surveillance Vehicle (POLICE)
  • Covert Surveillance Vehicle (POLICE)

Project Description

4x4 Special purpose high mobility armored tactical vehicle designed and developed to meet the new security agencies requirements and to protect troops along with their tactical gear during operations.


  • KADDB hull design on TATRA chassis .
  • Capable to accommodate up to 10 crewmen.
  • STANAG 4569 KE L2 protection level.
  • Advanced Independent suspension system.
  • Equipped with surveillance system.


crew 2+8
Maximum Road Speed 110 Km/h
Suspension Independent suspension
Transmission Automatic 6 speeds

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Al Jawad Armored Vehicle is an armored internal security vehicle (ISV), comprising of an armored body based on a heavy duty chassis with 6.7L Diesel Turbo Engine with 300 HP, that offers automotive performance, payload and operational capabilities. Al-Jawad designed with battle aero dynamic and more flexibility to perform duty inside the cities and narrow roads with easy maneuvering, the designers kept the ability of Al-Jawad as troop carrier to carry (2+8) fully equipped troopers including the Driver & the Commander. Al-Jawad offers high levels of ballistic and fragmentation protection to the occupants as standard with CEN B6 level of protection.

This high mobility tactical highly protected and multi-missions vehicle has some extra upgrades, which employed it for many internal security roles such as:

  • Armored personnel carrier.
  • Antiriot & Antiterrorisme Vehicle.
  • Armament Carrier.
  • Internal security Vehicle.
  • Logistics Vehicle.
  • Armored Ambulance.
  • Mobile Command & Control Centre.
  • A platform for a wide variety of other uses including conforming to multiple fleet strategies of the armed forces


crew 2+8
Maximum Road Speed 130 Km/h
Suspension Heavy duty leaf spring
Transmission Automatic 6 speeds

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Command and Control Vehicles are designed to provide the information required for operational advantage, acting as an automated tactical command post for mobile operation security as well as military missions, allowing support, command and control functions during an operation.

Numerous commercial platforms are used for building Command and Control Vehicles. Ford, Mercedes and Volkswagen trucks and vans are among them.

With the potential for complete on-the-move operations capability, the main roles for the Command and Control Vehicle are:

  1. To support internal security units
  2. To supervise and communicate
  3. To command and manage missions
  4. To control UAVs

The vehicle is equipped with an air conditioning system, electrical generator and high-technology communication systems equipped with monitoring cameras that collect and broadcast data.

All equipment is fitted and distributed inside the vehicle to best utilise the space available, taking high internal mobility into consideration, as well as allowing movement in-between work stations.

Command and Control Vehicles are equipped with the latest technological equipment and fitted to a standard of excellence that customers have come to expect, such as:

  • Wide LCD screens
  • Custom layout for storage
  • Custom layout for meeting facilities and waiting areas
  • Workstations and tables
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Generators with 12V, 24V and 220V power options
  • Telescopic mast systems
  • Phones, intercoms and communication equipment
  • CCTV systems


The Internal Police Vehicle is usually used by law enforcement agencies to defend against internal security threats. JLVM uses its manufacturing capabilities to convert different types of trucks and commercial chassis into specialised security vehicles, including:

  1. Police cars
  2. Anti-Riot Vehicles equipped with Anti-Riot Equipment
  3. Internal Security Vehicles
  4. Command and Control Vehicles
  5. SWAT and Counter-Terrorism Vehicles
  6. Investigation Units


  • Fitted with front and rear bumpers, complete with rubber shock absorbers
  • GRP partition with transparent plate of polycarbonate, placed behind driver's head to take advantage of mirror
  • Warning lights system with powerful light bar fitted on the roof, with addition extra lighting and flashes solutions
  • Public Address (PA) system with high-performance speakers and siren system
  • Capable of having communications services installed, using packet technology to transmit data through a general packet radio service (GPRS) and Navigational Satellite Timing and Ranging Global Positioning System (GPS) systems
  • Monitoring system: high-end cameras are connected to a computer inside the car. By connecting to a main server computer, the cameras can send photographs to the operations room, allowing high response time for tracking and surveillance
  • Flexible map light (halogen) used to read maps while vehicle on duty


A. Anti-Riot Vehicles and Troop Carriers

  • Based on heavy-duty chassis
  • Rear cabinet made of high isolation sandwich panel material
  • Rear cabinet volume fits 1025- fully-equipped personnel
  • Heavy-duty air conditioning system in passenger cabin
  • Lockers store tools and ammunition for anti-riot purposes in passengers’ cabin
  • Vehicle designed to be insurmountable
  • Wheels are protected against damage
  • Changes are applicable, tailored to customer requirements
  • Anti-riot equipment, including a water cannon, available for use

B. Anti-Riot Bus

  • Fitted with front and rear bumpers, complete with rubber shock absorbers
  • Fitted with a steel mesh or transparent polycarbonate at the front and rear driving lights, front windshield and side and rear windows
  • Weapon and equipment storage
  • Gun holsters
  • Rear seats
  • Gun ports enable the application of tear gas bombs canisters
  • Effective insulation
  • Extra camera


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