KADDB Scientific Innovation Competition 2017

KADDB is pleased to debut the start of  “ KADDB Scientific Innovation Competition 2017 “ that will be introduced to Jordanian universities. This stems from our belief that high-impact learning experience to improve students’ learning is through engaging and developing the habits and skills for integrative and life-long discovery. The mechanism for professional growth and expanded learning of students is focused around multidisciplinary, diverse and dynamic team environments. The culture of the Innovation KADDB-University research is one that is entrepreneurial in nature, and celebrates diversity, collaboration and innovation at its core. KADDB team will try to build collaborative and reflective atmosphere through promoting critical thinking and innovation. We will utilize our experience and knowledge to develop stronger motivated students.

The competition will include three main projects:

1. Heated Clothing
2. 360 Vision System for Pedestrians
3. Face recognition for high population facilities.

Students are encouraged to choose one of the projects listed above to participate in the competition. Those who wish to participate in the competition should fill out the registration forms found at:

All documents to be sent by email to:  competition@kaddb.mil.jo<mailto:competition@kaddb.mil.jo>

Due to the large number of participants and  technical queries regarding the projects, and inorder to give the students the opportunity to submit their proposals the Submission deadline is extended until 31/08/2017 at 12:00 pm.

Attachment :

Competition Judging Criteria   

Competition Registration Form

KADDB Competition 2017