CEO Message


  Welcome to the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) website. This website is designed to provide an opportunity to communicate with you, our stakeholders, about the organization’s business and society priorities and focusing first and foremost, on delivering on our mandate which is to serve our local partners (Jordan Armed Forces and security agencies) in Jordan and other alliance countries worldwide.

KADDB has demonstrated through the previous two decades of complex acquisition excellence to have the capabilities to deliver to our stakeholders, strategic defense and security products and services that ensure the protection of the sovereignty of Jordan.

KADDB is serving the objective of developing defense and security industrial capabilities & technological competencies in the most national way through the following executive strategies;

  • To Institute ownership with Jordan Armed Forces and local security agencies and understand the end user requirements and operational trends to find out the main focus areas.

  • Fulfillment Jordan Armed forces, Security Agencies and international end users’ needs and requirements with technological, innovative, genuine solutions and products to increase the user operational excellence capabilities.

  • Pay attention to human capital and realize the right gaudiness for their activities by setting the right and fair policies and objectives to reach the optimal level for their competences which will contribute to achieve and increase the competiveness and sustainability level for KADDB.

  • Develop design and development capabilities in modern (Hi-Tech) defense industries to fulfill the end users’ needs that cops with capabilities and gaps analysis on the following areas:

1- Land Combat Systems.
2- Troops Gear.
3- Weapons and Ammunition.
4- Future technology projects such as Artificial Intelligence, Nano technologies, cyber security, virtual reality and encryption.
5- Electronics and Electro-Optics.  

  • Develop test and evaluation capabilities through the acquisition of modern testing equipment to maintain KADDB’s projects and products quality to increase KADDB’s products competiveness in the local, regional and international defense markets.

  • Develop and maintain the partnerships with local universities and scientific research centers and cooperate with key partners and national institutions to demonstrate and utilize the available services and expertise in KADDB’s research and development environment.   

KADDB continues to support the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives that are focused on Science Technology, Engineering practices. These guarantee a future talent pool for scientists and engineers for the organization and the Defense industry.

Please keep in touch with us and send us your comments to .

We look forward to working together with you.


MGen (Rtd) Mohammad Farghal

Chief Executive Officer