KADDB Investment Group (KIG) and its affiliates have concluded a successful participation in the 1st  Bahrain International Defence Exhibition and Conference (BIDEC) 2017, in Bahrain during the period of 16th – 18th October. 


The booth was honoured by the visits royalties and excellencies, as well as leading VIP delegations and decision makers in the defence industry. 

KIG affiliates that exhibited under the KIG's umbrella were; Jordan Light Vehicle Manufacturing Company (JLVM), Jordan Advanced Machining Company (JordanAMCO), First Armour, Aselsan Middle East (AME), Jordan Ammunition Manufacturing Services (Jorammo), and Arab Ready Meals (ARM). 

During the event, KIG displayed a number of its unique products such as the fourth generation of Al Jawad internal security vehicle by JLVM. JLVM also demonstrated models for Al Wahsh vehicle which comes in higher protection levels with different variances for military and internal security.


JordanAMCO displayed its upgraded Snake Head Cupola; which is a fully closed cupola fitted on a hybrid ring mount with 13 vision blocks, enabling the gunner to have wide surveillance angles of the perimeter around the vehicle. The new upgraded model was equipped with a new front shield fitted on the weapon mount. The shield moves up and down providing the gunner full protection in the area around the gun barrel in addition to a curved vision block to enhance gunners’ vision. 

Frist Armour displayed its unique new innovative patented airbags technology for helmets as well as a selection of its low weight helmets, along with ceramic and dyneema plates, which are considered amongst the lowest weight in the world with less than 1 kg. In addition, First Armour displayed its bulletproof vests and special boots that are manufactured using injection technology.

Aselsan Middle East displayed its state-of-the-art products in the Night and Thermal Vision Imaging Systems, in addition to SAGER; its special thermal sight system for Kornet-E Anti Tank Missiles.

Jorammo displayed its newest NATO and CIP certified ammunition for the 9mm, 5.56mm, and 7.62mm, in addition to the various shotshell calibres. 

Arab Ready Meals (ARM) displayed varieties of the Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) which have 2 years shelf life, without preservatives or special storing conditions, and can be customised to different cuisines and calories requirements.