Investing in Jordan’s Youth; KADDB launches “Future Scientists” Initiative

Major General (ret.) Mohammed Farghal; Director General of King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) and Chief Executive Officer of KADDB Investment Group (KIG) has announced the launch of the “Future Scientists” Initiative, aiming to create a generation of scientists equipped with the skills and capabilities to improve the human capital of defense technologies.

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Farghal mentioned in a statement issued by the Bureau, that the initiative has been published in the daily newspapers for those interested in submitting their applications, indicating that they aim to enable young Jordanians to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the ever-evolving fields of modern science and technology that have changed everyday life as the world witnessed in the 20th century an expansion to the revolution in information and communication.

He added that the initiative will attract distinguished graduates from various universities, particularly creative minds, and educate and train them in the diverse areas of defense science and technology in the Bureau, such as: manufacturing armored and multiple use vehicles, weapons and ammunition, and military equipment and systems, in addition to areas of future technology; artificial intelligence, cyber security, virtual reality, cryptography and nanotechnology.

Maj. Gen. Farghal stated that KADDB has strong relations with international defense and military companies, which these elite scientists will be able to benefit from, particularly the transfer of technology and knowledge programs that they offer.

Farghal mentioned that the Bureau started the initiative in coordination with universities around the Kingdom, which in return provided KADDB with lists of their top distinguished graduates from various relative majors. A dedicated committee has started to professionally evaluate and assess these lists, in coordination with the respective universities, and based on a rigorous criteria, emphasizing impartiality to ensure the selection of qualified scientists. 

The “Future Scientists” initiative has an intention to step up efforts in support of youth as part of a broader agenda towards the boost of youth employment, improvement and modernization of education and the investment of skills of young people to enhance their capabilities thus their future opportunities for generations to come.