KADDB and the Dilemma of Scientific Research

KADDB’s translation to Bilal Al Tall’s article
The achievements of the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB), particularly in the field of transforming theoretical knowledge into tangible products, leads us to talk about a very important national issue; scientific research in our country. As we appreciate the existence of dozens of public and private universities in addition to tens of thousands of PhD holders in various fields of science, we complain about the absence of scientific research, its role in the development of our society and the economic, social and political needs to solve its issues.
For many reasons, there is a consensus on the deteriorating conditions of scientific research in our country. This includes the lack of utilization the academic degrees and studies/research of university professors, taking into consideration that it is an opportunity to improve their financial situation by working at other universities offering scientific degrees/research in addition to their jobs.
Also, the lack of adequate financial allocations for scientific research in our universities and other public and private institutions in need of such research. If the government has failed to allocate budgets for scientific research, private sector companies and factories are too failing in allocating supportive funds as well as laboratories, machinery and equipment.
This disturbing reality in our country highlights the importance of King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB). By providing a suitable environment for scientific research, KADDB has achieved remarkable results and are competing with many markets increasingly demanding their products and services.
These achievements in scientific research were made through pure Jordanian minds and labor under proper conditions. They have established the knowledge and transformed this into Jordanian material becoming an honorable ambassador to our country. This proves that the imbalance is not in Jordanian labor. Evidently, KADDB provided young workers with the conditions and opportunities to scientifically contribute and innovate, giving Jordanians the optimism to see the glass as half full.
The bottom line is: KADDB serves as a model for our people to cultivate joy motivating them to achieve more as a weapon against the state of frustration we are facing. This is the goal of Amman Future Dialogue Community which has launched the "Achievement against Depression Initiative” within which its context we have been exposed to KADDB’s experience.