KADDB Cyber Security Academy offers skills programs in Cyber Security

The King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) through its Cyber Security Academy (KCSA) on Sunday launched a specialized technical cyber security program. 

Abdullah AlMasri, KCSA Manager, indicated in a press statement that the Academy offers advanced technical training programs designed to build local capabilities and skills in cyber security. He pointed out that the Academy has adopted a practical training methodology to teach staff from various sectors to secure and test information systems and networks and to investigate and respond to cyber security attacks and incidents.

“We are very excited to see that Academy starting to deliver the technical training today,” Sebastian Madden was quoted in the statement as saying. PGI has been working with KADDB for over a year to build the training center and infrastructure and to train and certify KADDB’s trainers to PGI international standards, he added.

The KADDB Cyber Security Academy will help Jordan protect its economy and security from cyber security threats, the statement said, noting that KCSA is an "asset" for the whole Middle East region, which has an acute shortage of cyber security skills and desperately needs high-quality training from expert bilingual speaking trainers like the KADDB team.